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You can create new composite applications using the Composite Designer perspective. This procedure describes how you create your own product (that is, a composite application) with a unique name, how you define the software components (SCs) it consists of, and how you select the necessary development technologies that will be used inside this composite application.


  1. To open the Composite Designer perspective, choose   Window   Open Perspective   Other   Composite Designer   OK.  

  2. From the context menu of the Composite Explorer view, choose New Product.

  3. On the next screen, define and enter the following data:

    • Product name (such as new_product)

    • Vendor (usually your company's domain name, such as )

    • Version

    • Development configuration (if different from the default Local Development )

      Note Note

      You can organize the development of more than one product (composite application) in a single development configuration. For more information, see Defining Products in a Single Development Configuration

      End of the note.
    • Product location

    • Support component

    • (Optional) Advanced settings

  4. Choose Next.

  5. Specify the SCs that will be contained in your product.

    You can choose from existing SCs (if any) or you can create a new SC.

    To create a new SC, choose New Software Component . For more information, see Creating New Software Components.

  6. (Optional) In case you need additional SCs for your product, repeat the necessary steps.

  7. Choose Next.

  8. (Optional) Select the technologies that are available for every layer and choose Next.

    For example, for the Process Layer, select Guided Procedures or Process Modeling, or for the Business Logic Layer select Composite Application Framework (CAF) or EJB/JPA, and so on. For each selected technology the Composite Designer perspective creates a separate development component during product generation.

  9. (Optional) Configure development components for the product.

    Here you can add or remove development components of the types you have already declared beforehand.

  10. Choose Finish to finish creating your product.

    Note Note

    You can delete a product from its context menu using the option Delete Product. Then you have to specify whether the associated software and development components also need to be deleted.

    End of the note.