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As an administrator, you control who has access to applications by creating users and providing these users with a means of authenticating themselves to an application. To simplify user administration, users can be collected in groups according to criteria such as the users’ function in a company or the department they work in. Roles define the users’ authorizations and, in the case of portal roles, they additionally define the users’ navigation experience. Roles can be assigned to either users or groups.


SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) Java includes the identity management application for administration of users, groups, and roles.

For more information about the user interface and how to start it, see Identity Management.


This section lists administrative tasks, general and specific, for the management of users, groups, and roles.

Portal-Specific Tasks

The portal environment relies on the user management of the AS Java. There are tasks that are specific to the portal.

More information: User Administration.


This section lists conceptual topics useful for the administration of users, groups, and roles, and background information for selected features.

More Information

Logging and Tracing