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Procedure documentationCustomizing Applications with the Extensibility Configuration Framework Locate this document in the navigation structure


This topic provides information about the extensibility configuration framework and the steps you need to perform to customize applications. There is also conceptual information to start with, which will help you become familiar with the functionality and the benefits represented with the extensibility framework.

For more information, see Concepts of Extensibility Framework.

This procedure describes the necessary general process steps when using the extensibility configuration framework. Although each toolset and technology has its own characteristics, the general process is the same for all toolsets.

You execute the steps from the Composite Designer using the navigation that the extensibility configuration framework provides.


  1. Create extension points.

    For more information, see Creating Extension Points.

  2. Create extensions.

    For more information, see Creating Extensions.

  3. Activate and deactivate extensions.

    For more information, see Activating and Deactivating Extensions.

The above steps are part of the design time of the general process. Once you have the extension points and the extensions deployed on the AS Java, and the application can be executed, we are already in the runtime part of the process. Then you can review the extension points and the extensions using the SAP NetWeaver Administrator.

For more information, see Reviewing the Available Extension Points and Extensions on AS Java.