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The SAP NetWeaver Application Server allows direct online access to Web Dynpro applications using mobile devices. As part of the Application Server, Web Dynpro provides a development and runtime environment with which you can quickly and simply create professional user interfaces for desktop PCs or for mobile devices. An appropriate infrastructure and renderer classes are provided for developing mobile always connected applications for Pocket PCs as well as for BlackBerry, Wireless Handhelds Nokia Series 80 devices and Nokia Series 60 devices.

No additional installations are necessary. You develop in the same development environment - the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio - that you use to program Web Dynpro applications for a desktop browser. In most cases, you can adapt the user interface to fit the small screen of a mobile device.

For the development of mobile always connected applications, the application development therefore uses:

  • The same metadata model

  • The same development environment

  • The same functions provided by Web Dynpro - for example, connecting a back end, user management, and so on.

Mobile always connected applications for Pocket PCs, BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds, Nokia Series 80 devices and Nokia Series 60 devices are online applications that run on the SAP NetWeaver Application Server and are displayed in the Web browser of these mobile devices.

In addition,

  • Windows Mobile 6 devices support Mobile Always Connected applications.

  • CCTS data types and Cascaded Style Sheet (CSS) are supported in Mobile Always Connected applications on Pocket PC devices, Nokia 60 series and Nokia 80 series devices.

Note Note

Mobile always connected applications are similar to Web Dynpro Java applications in development. More information: Developing User Interfaces with Web Dynpro for Java

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