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The XML DAS Administration offers three functions that have to do with the packing of resources: Pack Resources, Unpack Resources, Display (Un)Pack Progress. You can use these functions to compress or decompress your resources after archiving. The functions are optional and are not part of the Customizing procedure for XML-based archiving.


Resources are available for packing.

Your WebDAV system supports the packing of resources.


More specifically, you must make sure that your WebDAV system supports the reading of packed resources. From a technical point of view this means that your WebDAV system must support HTTP range requests. If it does not, you can neither unpack nor read your packed resources. If it does, you do not need to unpack the resources to be able to read them.

You have called up the XML DAS Administration from within the SAP NetWeaver Administrator (NWA). (See Administration of the XML Data Archiving Service.)



       1.      Choose the Pack or Unpack radio button, depending on which action you want to perform.

       2.      Enter the Archive Path for the resources you want to pack or unpack. Make sure it ends with a /.


The pack or unpack functions will pack or unpack all the resources that have exactly the archive path you entered. Sub collections are not packed or unpacked.

       3.      Choose Start.

In the Status area, you can view the progress of the packing or unpacking progress. Choose Refresh, if the status is not yet FINISHED. You may have to refresh several times.


You have packed or unpacked all the resources under a given archive path.

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