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Some clear alterations have been made to JCo API using SAP JCo Standalone Version 3.0.

To ensure that SAP JCo continues to function correctly, you will need to make some changes to the coding when switching from an older JCo version (2.x) to JCo 3.0.

Below you will find the necessary information about the type of changes that have been made and actions required for the migration.

Modifications are possibly required in the following areas:

  • General Changes

  • Connection Management

  • Exception Handling

  • Metadata Model

  • Server Adaptations

Migration Scenarios

The scope of the changes to be made depends largely on the application scenario used. There are basically three possible scenarios:

Client Scenarios

  • You application communicates as a client with an ABAP server.

  • You application has static metadata or metadata-relevant APIs.

Server Scenarios

  • Your application was developed on a Java application server and executes server functions, that is it processes ABAP server calls.

You also have to make some general changes in the coding independent from the application scenario.

More Information

For more detailed information on each of the changes to be made, see:


Client Role:

Server Role:

For the complete documentation on client and server programming for JCo 3.0, see: