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The user management engine (UME) provides the user management functions for Java applications on SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) Java.


Use identity management for user administration on the AS Java.

More information: Identity Management.

Recommendation Recommendation

If you manage users across multiple SAP systems and even non-SAP systems, we recommend you use SAP NetWeaver Identity Management Identity Center.

More information: SAP NetWeaver Identity Management Identity Center.

End of the recommendation.

The data source used by the UME imposes some restrictions on identity management.

More information:

Tasks on Demand

The table below lists user management tasks that you perform when required.

Tasks on Demand for User Management



Activating the Emergency User

Use the emergency user if all administrator users are locked or you cannot log on to any applications because of problems with the system configuration.

Checking the Consistency of Entries in the UME Database

Perform this task if you suspect the data in the UME database is no longer consistent.

Creating a Technical User

Applications sometimes require a technical user, whose password does not expire or does not need to log on.

Exporting User Management Data

Perform this task when you need to transfer users to another AS Java or in preparation for a mass update of user management data.

Importing User Management Data

Perform this task to import users to your system or to perform a mass update of your user management data.

Logging and Tracing

Use the logs and traces to monitor the status of your system.

Maintaining the User's Certificate Information

Perform this task if you use certificates for user authentication.

Monitoring the Performance of the UME Cache

Perform this task to check if your cache settings indicate an impact on system performance.

Periodic Tasks

The table below lists user management tasks that you perform on a regular basis.

Periodic Tasks for User Management



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Approving or Rejecting Users

Requires the configuration of companies and self-registration.


Assigning Principals to Roles or Groups

Perform this task to assign authorizations. This task includes assigning Java EE roles to UME roles.


Locking or Unlocking Users

Perform this task when users enter the wrong password.

You can enable users to unlock their own passwords.


Managing Users, Groups, and Roles

Perform this task to create, edit, and delete users, groups, and roles.

Portal-Specific Tasks

If you have SAP NetWeaver Portal in your installation, you must also manage portal roles.

More information: User Management.