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This guide describes Visual Composer for SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment, explaining how to use Visual Composer tools to model applications using a graphical user interface, without coding.

If you are using Visual Composer in SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio, see the following documentation for access and information specific to that version of Visual Composer: Working with Visual Composer in SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio

  • Getting Started

    Provides introductory information to help you start using Visual Composer.

  • Concepts

    Defines general concepts that you should understand before using Visual Composer to model applications.

  • Tasks

    Describes tasks you might need to perform throughout a typical workflow of modeling components with Visual Composer.

How to Use this Guide

You should use this guide in conjunction with the other guides in the documentation set for Visual Composer. In general, the Visual Composer Modeler's Guide is intended to guide you through the general workflow tasks that you perform when creating and modifying models in Storyboard. The Visual Composer Reference Guide complements this guide in that it provides the details for filling in the dialog boxes and defining the attributes of each model element.

The following documents are included in the Visual Composer documentation set:

  • Visual Composer Modeler's Guide (this guide)

    Describes how to use Visual Composer tools to model applications.

  • Configuring Visual Composer

    Describes how to configure certain items before you can start using Visual Composer to model applications.

  • Visual Composer Security Guide

    Outlines security issues that are specific to running Visual Composer.

  • Visual Composer Reference Guide

    Provides detailed descriptions of the available fields and options in Visual Composer.

Caution Caution

Be sure to read SAP Note 1021219 for the latest information about limitations, known issues, and workarounds for Visual Composer.

You can find the SAP Note at SAP Service Marketplace at:

End of the caution.