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This documentation helps you to understand the Visual Composer voice kit, which is a design-time component of SAP NetWeaver Voice. Using the Visual Composer voice kit you can develop, compile, test and deploy voice applications.

  • Getting Started

    Provides information on the Storyboard Desktop, which is the user interface of the Visual Composer voice kit. It also has a tutorial that helps you to create a voice application.

  • Concepts

    Provides information on voice application design guidelines and advanced concepts such as componentization and the internationalization of voice applications.

  • Tasks

    Provides information on the various tasks involved in developing, compiling, debugging and testing voice applications.

  • Reference

    Provides information on specific tasks and books that you can refer to implement voice applications.

  • Tips and Tricks

    Provides information on tips and tricks that you can use while developing voice applications to increase the efficiency of implementing voice applications.