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SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment (SAP NetWeaver CE) offers design time and runtime capabilities for creating and running Java-based composite applications. The table below lists the available design time tools and their use:

CE Design Time Tools



Enterprise Services Builder

The Enterprise Services Builder is a tool used to access the Enterprise Services Repository, which is the starting point for SOA-based development.

SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio

The SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio is based on the Eclipse platform and supports the development of standard Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) components, the modeling of executable composite business processes using the process composer, the development of Web Dynpro applications, and the composition of services using the SAP Composite Application Framework (CAF).

In addition, SAP NetWeaver CE provides a Web-based environment for modeling user interfaces (Visual Composer) and designing user-centric business workflows (Guided Procedures).

Getting Started

The first section of the developer’s guide describes the layers composite applications typically consist of and introduces the development technologies and tools available in SAP NetWeaver CE by means of a use case. Each step in the use case links to more detailed information to guide you through this documentation.

More information: Guidelines for Developing Composite Applications

Documentation by Layers and Tasks

Aside from starting with the guidelines section, you can also find detailed information about each layer of SAP NetWeaver CE in the following sections:

Development Environment and Development Infrastructure



SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio Basics

How to work with the Developer Studio in general, its integrated SAP Management Console for basic administration and monitoring of the AS Java, and the Composition Designer perspective which is the central entry point to develop composite applications.

Using the Development and Production Infrastructure

How to connect to and make use of an existing infrastructure for the versioning, building, and life cycle management of your software applications.

Detailed Development Documentation for the Technology Layers of SAP NetWeaver CE



Process Layer

(BPMN-based development)

Modeling Processes with Process Composer

Modeling Rules with the Rules Composer

Process Layer

(Development based on Guided Procedures)

Designing Composite Processes with Guided Procedures

The section about Guided Procedures is relevant for existing applications of earlier SAP NetWeaver CE releases.

Service Enablement

Providing, Discovering and Consuming Services

This section discusses the Enterprise Services Repository and the Services Registry, and how to provide, discover, and consume services according to the principles of a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

UI Layer

Modeling Composite Views with Visual Composer

Developing User Interfaces with Web Dynpro for Java

Developing Voice-Enabled Applications

Business Logic

Composing Services with CAF

Developing Java EE 5 Applications

Using Central Development Services

This section covers the Java dictionary to maintain tables for system data base support, how to integrate security functions into your Java application, and how to use common Infrastructure APIs for job scheduling, logging, monitoring, and Java Resource Adapters.

Portal Layer

Using the Portal as Frontend

This section describes how to integrate and access applications developed with NetWeaver CE directly from the portal and how to use the Universal Worklist in the portal.

Further Developer Documentation

      API Reference

The API documentation of SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment is available on the SAP Help Portal at





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