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In this tutorial you learn how to provide a Web Dynpro application that can be used to complete a simple task within a business process modeled with Guided Procedures.

You do this by creating a local Web Dynpro component, which, in our example, should read the following data about an existing system user, whose details are provided in User Management:

        First name

        Last name

        Telephone number

        Fax number


      You are familiar with the basic principles of Java programming.

      You have an overview of Web Dynpro programming.

Process Flow

To implement a Web Dynpro callable object, you must:


       1.      Create and configure the Web Dynpro project

       2.      Implement the GP interface for Web Dynpro callable objects

       3.      Deploy the Web Dynpro application

       4.      Expose it as a callable object in the GP design time

       5.      Test and activate it.

You start with Creating and Configuring the Web Dynpro Project.

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