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Web Dynpro for Java application can run in the portal, within iViews created by the content administrator. Web Dynpro applications do not need any special modifications to run in the portal.

iViews based on Web Dynpro for Java applications run in a Web Dynpro page, which enables the application to take advantage of portal services. For example, such iViews can get information about the current page, add links to the iView tray and perform portal navigation.

The following is a list of development tasks that you can perform when creating Web Dynpro Java applications for the portal, in order to take advantage of portal services:

·        Calling Portal Services

·        Navigating in the Portal

·        Communicating with Other iViews

      Creating Personalizable Properties

      Sending URL Parameters to Applications

·        Enabling Multiple iViews from an Application

·        Using WorkProtect Mode

·        Setting the Theme

For more information, see Creating Web Dynpro iViews.


When displaying a Web Dynpro page, you can display debugging information on the page by doing one of the following:

      Display the page in a separate browser window, adding the following parameter-value: sap-wd-pb-debugmode=true

To get the URL of the page, preview the page from the Portal Catalog, or view the page in the portal and click Open in New Window from the page tray.

      To turn debugging on for all requests, open the Java Configuration Browser of the NetWeaver Administrator, navigate to webdynpro pb Components Default, and set the DebugMode property to true.

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