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Once you have installed an SAP NetWeaver CE system, the configuration wizard allows you to make the technical settings required for the technical processing of a system or a technical scenario, for example, connectivity, and service users.


      You make the technical settings with the Configuration Wizard, immediately after installing a SAP NetWeaver CE system.

      The configuration wizard is part of the SAP NetWeaver administrator.

      You use the Configuration Wizard for the initial technical configuration. Further configuration depending on your development scenario might be necessary.


You have installed your system.



       1.      Call the SAP NetWeaver Administrator under the path http://<host>:<httpport>/nwa in a browser, and logon to the SAP NetWeaver Administrator with the user Administrator.

       2.      In the SAP NetWeaver Administrator, choose Configuration Management à Configuration Wizard à Configuration Wizard.

       3.      The system displays the NetWeaver Initial Configuration view. Choose the configuration view All configuration tasks instead.

       4.      Select a task in the list, and choose Start.

       5.      Enter the master password and choose Next.

       6.      Choose whether you want to you a local or a central SLD and choose Next.
Note For some use cases you can only use a remote SLD server. In this case, you are not allowed to setup a local one.

       7.      Select the functional units you want to configure using the configuration wizard and choose Next.
Note The functional units that you do NOT select will remain unconfigured but they still exist in your SAP system.

       8.      Follow the screens.

The system makes the necessary settings.

       9.      The system reports any configuration errors. Error message long texts are written to the protocol.


The system distributes this data automatically in the SAP NetWeaver CE system.

Additional Tool Features

Different configuration views

      NetWeaver Initial Configuration
This view is only displayed for technical reasons. For SAP NetWeaver CE, use view All Configuration Tasks instead.

      Interrupted Configuration Tasks
If you cancelled a configuration and want to resume it later, choose the configuration task and then Resume.

      All Configuration Tasks
This view lists all configuration tasks available for your SAP NetWeaver CE system.

      History of Executed Configuration Tasks
This view lists all configuration tasks that have been executed previously.


Error Message Handling

You can view error messages that occurred during the automated configuration process by choosing Protocol. Clicking on a step that failed to be executed opens a more detailed view, listing the status of the configuration step, links to further documentation, and further technical information.


Additional Information

If errors occur during the execution of the configuration steps, see Wizard-Based Configuration for the manual configuration of the steps.

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