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You use Java System Reports as a problem detection and analysis tool to:

      Monitor the AS Java cluster and Java applications.

      Track the performance of one or all instances and cluster nodes of a particular Java system.

      Detect and analyze the causes of problems in an AS Java in a situation of reduced performance.

      Perform motivated tuning for productive use with the AS Java.

To monitor AS Java you use the Monitor Browser, charts, and reports. The Monitor Browser comprises a tree of single monitors, where you can view current data reported by each activated monitor, either in a table or in a chart. You can view the traffic light of each monitor, which changes in case the values reported by the monitor exceed the predefined limits. From the Monitor Browser, you can choose the monitors of your interest and combine them into one chart. The chart of one or more monitors gives you both an overview of a monitor’s data and a comparison between several monitors. If you want an even broader system overview, you combine several charts into one report.

Below are the most important actions you can perform with Java System Reports:

      Use the set of predefined charts and reports to monitor certain aspects of the system performance, such as memory consumption, combined security information, system health data, and so on.

More information: Using the Predefined Charts and Reports

      Using the tree of monitors in the Monitor Browser, you can view detailed information about the system and applications performance and receive alerts in case the reported data has unexpected values.

More information: Managing Monitors with the Monitor Browser

      You can pick one or more monitors from the Monitor Browser tree to create your own charts.

      You can also combine several charts into your own custom report.

More information: Monitoring Using Charts and Reports

If you experience problems using the Java System Reports (for example, problems displaying charts and reports, or lack of reported data), see Troubleshooting.

Starting Java System Reports

To start Java System Reports, in the SAP NetWeaver Administrator, choose Availability and Performance Management  Resource Monitoring  Java System Reports.

Alternatively, you can use the quick link java-sys-reports:



See also:

Changing Settings and Exporting History



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