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Once you have familiarized yourself with the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment (CE) capabilities, you can continue with the following activities:


       1.      Plan and perform SAP NetWeaver CE installation using the guidelines in the Master Guide (if you do not have the SAP NetWeaver CE system already installed) and the relevant installation guide.

The Master Guide and the installation guides provide information about the system landscape options that you can implement, the hardware and software requirements, and the procedures for installing, patching, updating, and uninstalling the system.

More information: at

       2.      Set up your system after installation.

To plan your cluster set-up optimally, familiarize yourself with the main architectural concepts of AS Java.

More information: Architecture of AS Java

To enable all capabilities of the SAP NetWeaver CE system, you need to perform certain post-installation steps. The initial system configuration applies to all landscapes and scenarios, and is therefore always required.

More information: Configuration of SAP NetWeaver CE Initial System Configuration

If you have installed additional SAP NetWeaver CE components, such as the composition tools, Adobe Document Services, or Voice, you might need to perform specific configuration for these capabilities as well.

More information: Configuration of SAP NetWeaver CE Configuration for CE Additional Components

       3.      Learn how to perform basic administration tasks.

Regardless of the system landscape that you have set up (development or productive) and the scenarios that you implement, you need to perform basic administration tasks, such as starting and stopping the system, monitoring its performance and heartbeat, and so on.

You can find more information in the relevant sections of Administration of SAP NetWeaver CE:

       General System Administration


       AS Java Administration

       Security and User Administration

If you are running the SAP NetWeaver CE composition tools, you also need to know how to administer your portal.

More information: Administration of SAP NetWeaver CE Managing Your Portal

       4.      To start your development projects:

       Make sure that you have all required software installed and configured.

For Java or composite application development, you need the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio, which is installed separately from the AS Java. You must set up the connection to the server as described in Configuring the Application Server in the Developer Studio.

For composite views and processes, you need the composition tools installed.

For voice-enabled applications, you need the Voice add-on installed.

More information: Master Guide – SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1 at

       Check your development infrastructure.

For team-oriented development, you also need a development infrastructure. You can use the SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Development Infrastructure, or a third-party infrastructure.

More information: Developer’s Guide Using the Development and Production Infrastructure

        Get started with the SAP NetWeaver CE tools.

To learn the basics of the SAP NetWeaver CE development tools, you can go through the tutorials that you can find in the Developer’s Guide. For each individual tool you can find a Getting Started section in the respective guide that provides step-by-step instructions to help you get familiar with the screens and functions.

More information: Developer’s Guide Developing and Composing Applications

        Understand how the tools and technologies come together to help you design and build applications.

More information: Developer’s Guide Guidelines for Developing Composite Applications

        Find out more about t the security aspects of the technologies and tools that you use.

More information: SAP NetWeaver CE Security Guide

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