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Procedure documentation Configuring Adobe Document Services for CE  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


This documentation lists the steps that are needed for the configuration of Adobe document services for CE.


To be able to use Adobe document services for CE, you need the following installations:

      A local installation of Adobe LiveCycle Designer 7.1.

You can download Adobe LiveCycle Designer 7.1 from SAP Service Marketplace at Search for Installations and Upgrades (from the left-hand side navigation) search for material number 50083078_1. To install the Adobe LiveCycle Designer, use the file SapAldSetup.exe from the downloaded archive 50083078_1.ZIP.

      A local installation of Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher or a full version of Adobe Acrobat 7.0.

You can download Adobe Reader for free from the Adobe website at


      Creating a User in AS Java for Basic Authentication

      Setting Up Basic Authentication in a Java Environment

      Reader Rights Credential

      Installing a PKCS #12 Credential

      Configuring Credential Attributes

      Optional Additional Configuration for Adobe Document Services

       Adding Fonts

       Mapping Fonts

       Changing the Default PDF Version

       Changing the Design of the ERROR.PDF File

       Changing the Maximum Size for the Storage of the ERROR.PDF File

       Configuring Multi-Processing

More Information

Important SAP Notes

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Adobe document services: Licenses


SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe: Acrobat/Reader version


Adobe Credentials


Adobe LiveCycle Designer 7.1 Installation

Troubleshooting Adobe Document Services

      Adobe Connection Error – Java

      Adobe Configuration Error



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