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SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment (SAP NetWeaver CE) offers design time and runtime capabilities for creating and running Java-based applications. The SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio is the development environment. It is based on the Eclipse platform and supports the development of standard Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) components, Web Dynpro applications, and composing services with the SAP Composite Application Framework (CAF). In addition, SAP NetWeaver CE provides Web-based environment for modeling user interfaces (Visual Composer) and designing user-centric business workflows (Guided Procedures).

The Developer’s Guide is a central documentation source for IT architects, IT specialists and developers working on business applications development projects. The main focus is the design and implementation of composite applications with SAP NetWeaver CE.

This guide contains the following sections:

Guidelines for Developing Composite Applications

This section provides an overview of the guiding principles that apply to designing composite applications. In addition, it looks into the architecture of the typical composite application (that is, the layers it consists of) and introduces the development technologies and tools available in SAP NetWeaver CE for each of the layers. It adds general guidelines about which technologies are preferred in particular use cases to help you choose the optimal set of technologies for your specific composite application scenario.

Developing and Composing Applications

This section comprises detailed manuals for the available development and modeling technologies in SAP NetWeaver CE.

Integrating Applications into the Portal

The applications developed with SAP NetWeaver CE can be integrated and accessed directly from the portal. See this section for more information on how to do this.

Using the Development and Production Infrastructure

SAP NetWeaver CE provides tools that allow you to connect and make use of an existing infrastructure for versioning, building and life cycle management of your software applications.

Administering the AS Java from the Developer Studio

The SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio integrates seamlessly the SAP Management Console – a tool, which developers can use for basic administration and monitoring of the AS Java they program against.

API Reference

Refers to the JavaDoc documentation of SAP NetWeaver CE APIs that you can use in your applications.



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