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Procedure documentation Creating JMS Destination References  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You use this procedure to create JMS Destination References.


You are in the Configuration Management Infrastructure Application Resources function.



       1.      Choose Create New Resource New JMS Destination Reference. The New JMS Destination Reference Creation screen area opens.

       2.      Choose Settings.

       3.      Complete the following fields:

      Application Name

Specify a name to which the destination is assigned. This name is used for the configuration that holds the object.

·        Destination Name

Enter an arbitrary name for the destination.

       4.      Choose a destination type from the SAP Destination Type dropdown list box.

·        To use the AS Java JMS Provider, choose Local.

       When you use the AS Java JMS Provider, you have to specify the destination type according to the JMS specification from the JMS Type dropdown list box.

¡        Optionally, you can also specify the virtual JMS provider to use in the Virtual Provider Name field.

·        To use an external provider, choose External.

                            a.      Enter a Linked Connection Factory Name in the corresponding field. This is the JNDI name for a JNDI-bound JMS factory from the JMS Provider.

                            b.      User Name

Enter a user name for authentication to the JMS provider.

                            c.      Password

Enter a password corresponding to the user name.

·        To use the SONIQ MQ JMS Provider, choose SJO. Enter the appropriate SJO file name in the corresponding field.

       5.      To create additional properties, choose the Properties tab.

                            a.      Choose Add New Property.

                            b.      Enter a name and value for the property.

       6.      To save the JMS Destination Reference, choose the Save button.


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