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If you want to use a Data Source that connects your applications to a database other than the system database of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server, you need to deploy the relevant JDBC driver for that database.


In the Telnet Administrator console:


       1.      Open the Telnet Administrator and login to the server. For more information, refer to Deploying a Standalone Data Source in Deploying Data Sources.

       2.      Enter add dbpool in the command line to add the DBPOOL shell command group to the environment.

       3.      Enter deploy_jdbc_driver <driver-name> <driver_archive> in the command line, where:

       <driver-name> is the name, under which this driver is registered in the system. You will use this name as a value of the <driver-name>tag of the data-sources.xml file when you define your custom Data Source.

       <driver-archive>is the directory path to the archive file on the file system that contains the classes of your JDBC driver. Note that this command can have multiple <archive-name> arguments separated with semicolons (;). This is necessary when deploying drivers that consist of several JAR files.

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