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In the CHIP definition file you define the elements of the CHIP specification schema used in your CHIP. Whatever you define here can be accessed from your coding using the CHIP API.

Table 1:
Element Description

As implementation sapui5 is supported.

For viewName specify the name of the sapui5 view containing the content of your CHIP. The viewName comprises package path, the name of the view and the file extension, for example tests.sample.Myview.view.xml.

The following sapui5 view types are supported:

  • Javascript with file extension js
  • XML with file extension xml
  • JSON with file extension json
appearance Set the title and the description of your CHIP.
contracts Define the contracts used in your CHIP. In the example below the fullscreen contract is used.
parameters These parameters can, for example be used to determine in which catalogs your CHIP is displayed.


CHIP Definition XML

The following example shows a CHIP definition with an sapui5 view of type xml, with a title and two contracts: fullscreen and a configuration that specifies a catalog:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- Copyright (c) 2012 SAP AG, All Rights Reserved -->
<chip xmlns="">
    <title>Chip taking full size</title>
    <consume id="fullscreen"/>
    <consume id="configuration">
        <parameter name=“parameterName“>defaultValue</parameter>