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You can export a taxonomy from your system to an XML file, or you can import a taxonomy into your system from an XML file.

You use this function to add taxonomies from one SAP Enterprise Portal to another portal. You can also import taxonomies from other systems as long as the XML file is valid as defined by the following document type definition (DTD): Document Type Definition for a Taxonomy .

When an export takes place, the system stores the structure and properties of the taxonomy in an XML file. The XML file contains the following data:

  • Administration data for the taxonomy, such as the taxonomy type.

  • Names of the categories and structure information.

  • Search queries (only in the case of query-based taxonomies).

Document assignments are not exported.

For detailed information on the data structure of the XML files, see the DTD.

When the import takes place, the system validates the XML file by comparing it to the DTD. If the XML file is valid, the system creates the taxonomy in the target system.


A classification index (or a search and classification index) must exist in your system in order for you to be able to import a taxonomy.


When creating or editing an index in index administration, go to the Taxonomies screen. It contains the pushbuttons Export and Import .

Exporting a taxonomy

You are in the index administration area, in the Taxonomies screen.

  1. Select one or more taxonomies and choose Export .

  2. Specify a KM folder where you want the system to store the export data, and choose Export.

  3. You get a link to the folder in which the system stores the export data.

    The system stores the following files in this folder:

    • XML file that describes the taxonomy

      If you are exporting multiple taxonomies, the system generates an XML file for each taxonomy.

    • Document type definition (DTD)

      If you want to display the XML file in the Web browser, the DTD should be located in the same folder.

    • Log file

      The duration of the export depends on the size of the taxonomy. The system stores a log file when the export has been completed.

Importing a taxonomy

You are in the index administration area, in the Taxonomies screen.

  1. Choose Import .

  2. Enter the following data:

    • Import File : Path to the XML file that describes the taxonomy. The XML file must be located in a KM repository.

    • Report Folder : Path to the KM folder where the system is to store the log file.

  3. Choose Import .

    The following links appear on the screen:

    • Taxonomy : Link to the imported taxonomy in a KM Navigation iView

    • Report Folder : Link to the folder that the system creates the report in once the import has been completed.

    • Report : Link to the report that the system creates once the import has been completed.


      The duration of the import depends on the size of the taxonomy.


      If you try to import a taxonomy with the same ID as an existing taxonomy in your system, the system does not carry out the import.