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Each Web Dynpro ABAP application should be able to be customized. There are two Customizing variants - one for the administrator and one for end user personalization. The end user has limited personalization options, whereas the administrator can change almost all the properties of screen elements.

Different authorization checks are made at various Customizing levels:

  • End User Personalization

    No authorization check is made here.

  • Administrator Customizing

    Authorization check of S_WDR_P13N (see below).

  • Configuration

    Authorization check of S_DEVELOP (see below).

You can find the personalization options provided for the end user and the customizing options for the administrator for UI elements in the documentation on the properties of UI element properties.

For more information: Reference


When the configuration editor is started, the environment authorization is checked using authorization object S_DEVELOP (developer authorization). If this authorization has been assigned to the user in the user profile, he or she is allowed to carry out all actions, including, Customizing, personalization and configuration.

If the application is called at runtime in the administrator mode using URL parameter sap-config-mode=X, the user needs authorization S_DEVELOP or S_WDR_P13N.


If authorization object S_DEVELOP is not assigned to the user, a check is made whether user has authorization object S_WDR_P13N. S_WDR_P13N provides authorization at administrator level to perform customizing tasks if the user has not been assigned developer authorization.


Authorization object S_WDR_P13N should be set by the application if it is required.

Authorization object S_WDR_P13N contains the following field:


    Name of the Web Dynpro ABAP application. This allows you to restrict the applications which the user can personalize at administrator level. If no restrictions are needed, enter *.