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The Corbu theme has a fresh, neutral design, which increases compatibility with other designs. Larger fonts and generous spacing between frames and content of UI elements make readability particularly good. Information and possible user actions are arranged in spacious areas with a balanced mix of light gray and white, instead of in block-like frames. Corbu uses larger and brighter icons (16x16 pixels).

Example of the Visualization


The following UI technologies support Corbu:

  • Web Dynpro ABAP

    Corbu can be used for applications that support Corbu.

  • SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC)

    You can embed applications that support Corbu in every NWBC version and control these applications with Corbu. The settings for the Corbu theme are client-specific.

  • SAPGUI for Windows

    The Corbu theme for SAPGUI for Windows uses the existing metric of SAPGUI. There can be other deviations from the implementation for Web applications.


The changed metric of the Corbu theme requires more memory for fonts, UI elements, and layouts. The following restrictions could arise from this:

  • If an application was originally optimized for Tradeshow Plus in 1024x768, with the same resolution in Corbu scroll bars may appear or texts may be truncated.


    To resolve this, use a higher screen resolution (e.g. 1280x1024), or change the layout using the customizing and personalization options in Web Dynpro and Floorplan Manager (FPM).

  • Screen elements in Corbu are no longer arranged in columns if alignment was performed using pixel spacing.


    To resolve this, columns should be aligned using a layout that specifies the column structure (e.g. MatrixLayout).

  • For tables with a fixed layout and no column scrolling, the last columns may no longer be displayed.


    To resolve this, activate column scrolling (see Column Scrolling in Tables)

  • Texts or other content are truncated even if the screen resolution is increased.


    To resolve this, set the width of the layout to 100%.

  • In Corbu not all frames are implemented. This can result in display problems with the following UI element properties: contentDesign, hasContentPadding, cellDesign.

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