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SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management (BPM) lets your business and IT professionals jointly compose executable processes using standardized notation.

BPM helps you rapidly tailor your business processes to changing business needs by enabling the following:

  • Joint modeling of processes by business and IT specialists

  • Central process execution via a Java-based process engine

  • Provision of intuitive interfaces for business users

  • Integration of business rules into your processes

Documentation Structure

The documentation structure reflects the different tasks and addresses the corresponding target groups.



Configuring Business Process Management

This section describes the configuration steps you must perform before you can start modeling and executing processes and tasks with BPM.

Modeling Processes with Process Composer

This section describes how to model processes with the process composer, which is the BPM design time. The section is aimed at developers as well as business specialists. The process composer provides BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) based process modeling capabilities.

Monitoring and Managing BPM Systems, Processes, and Tasks

This section is mainly aimed at administrators. It explains how to monitor BPM systems, processes, tasks, and business events with the BPM applications that are integrated in the SAP NetWeaver Administrator and with other monitors. This section also includes information about troubleshooting and archiving of process data.

Managing Processes and Tasks with the Process Desk

This section is mainly aimed at business users. It explains how to manage processes and tasks and how to display details about the process.

Business Process Management Security Guide

This section outlines the security issues that are specific to Business Process Management.