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Formatting Data Series and Data PointsLocate this document in the navigation structure


A data series consists of related data points. Each data series is uniquely identified by its own color or pattern. In a pie chart, only one data series is displayed. In other chart types you can display more than one data series.

A data point is a single element of a data series. For example, a data point is displayed by a slice of a pie, a point or a bar.


You have a number of formatting options for data series and data points. Note that the preview window only shows sample data. You only see the actual data once it has been published.

Change the preview window settings so that the number of data series and data points corresponds to the data provider. You can then meaningfully link a data series format to a data series.

For chart types of class 1, the uppermost data series in the legend corresponds to the first table row, the next data series corresponds to the second table row, and so on.

You can edit data series as follows:

Reversing the Order of Data

Plotting a Data Series on a Secondary Axis

Adding Data Labels

Adding, Changing and Removing trend lines

Rotating Charts