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Installing the MSX-A ComponentsLocate this document in the navigation structure


The sections below describe the steps that you have to carry out in order to set up the MSX-A components for the Exchange server transport.


  1. Create a folder on the IIS server. For example, c:\SAPExchangeTransport for the MSX-A components.
  2. Create a folder on the IIS server. For example, c:\SAPExchangeTransport\mmp for storing temporary .mmp files.
  3. Locate the MSX-A components shipped with the Exchange transport. The components can be found at <irj>\root\portalapps\\ WEB - INF \external\exchange .
  4. Copy the MSX-A components to the c:\SAPExchangeTransport folder you just created.
  5. Register the DLL by using the command regsrvr32 at the command prompt. For example, c:\winnt\system32\regsvr32.exe c:\SAPExchangeTransport\ SapExchangeConnector.dll .
  6. Create an IIS Web site or create a virtual directory if you want to use an existing Web site. For more information see, Creating and Configuring an IIS Web Site .

    If the IIS (MSX-A components) is installed on the portal server, the Web site or virtual directory should be different than the one hosting the portal. This implies that the  URL for accessing Portal and MSX-A components should be different. For more information, see SAPNote 491129.

    If your IIS website is running on an application pool, then the application pools identity should be the Local System.