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The TREX Java client is an interface that Java applications can use to access Search and Classification (TREX) functions. Communication between a Java application and TREX can take place directly using TCP/IP or using a TREX HTTP server and HTTP/XML.


Java applications use TCP/IP and HTTP/XML to access the TREX search and text-mining functions through the TREX Java client that is part of the SAP Web AS as a TREX service. The TREX Java client needs to know the address of the TREX name server in order to communicate with the TREX servers. You configure this during the TREX installation. You sometimes have to configure the other parameters for this communication too.


In order to communicate with TREX, the individual TREX servers and their parameters must be registered with the TREX Java client. You do this by configuring the name server, which then carries out further steps itself.

Overview of Areas and Parameters in the TREX Java Client

Function Description

TCP/IP Communication

Parameters of TCP/IP communication between the Java client and the TREX servers.


Parameter for secure communication using SSL/HTTPS between the TREX components, the portal, and Content Management.

Name Server

Parameters for configuration of the TREX name server.

Cache for Search Queries

Display of caches that are used to store TREX search queries temporarily.