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In the Landscape Perf. Trace window, you can generate and save performance traces. A performance trace contains the steps that are performed in the TREX system and the time required for each one. This information allows you to analyze performance problems.

You generate a performance trace when SAP support asks you to do so. Only SAP support can analyze the performance trace because this requires in-depth knowledge of the TREX-internal processes.


You can use the Start and Stop buttons to start and stop the recording of the performance trace. You can use the Save button to save the performance trace as a file.

The remaining functions are used to analyze the performance trace. They are only relevant for SAP support.


To generate and save a performance trace, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Start to start recording the data.
  2. Work through the activities that you want to have analyzed (searching, indexing, and so on).
  3. Once you have gather enough data, choose Stop to end the recording.
  4. Choose Save to save the recording to any directory.
  5. Send the saved file to SAP support.

    You can also use a command prompt to generate the performance trace. To do this, you use the Python script For example, you use this option if you are accessing TREX through terminal software and cannot start graphical user interfaces.

    For information on the script call parameters, launch the command without options.