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Exporting and Importing a ConnectionLocate this document in the navigation structure


The framework allows you to export an established connection to a provider system from a client system and then reuse it on another client system.


Export a connection to a provider system

  1. Choose an entry from the table of connected provider systems.

  2. Choose Export .

  3. Save the connection on the file system. The system saves the connection as an XML document.

At a later stage, you can distribute and import the XML document to another client system, instead of establishing a connection with the same settings.

Import a connection to a provider system

  1. Choose Import .

    The Import Provider System window opens.

  2. Choose Browse , and then open the XML document of the connection.

  3. Choose OK .

After you import a connection from the file system, you have to edit the connection and enter the credentials that you use to access the provider system.