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 Updating a Local Repository


The System Component Repository (SCR) is automatically update every time that the central server of the system is restarted. However, you can also explicitly update the local repository. This is useful if you have made system configuration changes (new clients, RFC destinations, servers, and so on) and want to display the changes in the repository immediately. It is also useful to update the repository before you register the repository with a central repository, if the local system has not been restarted shortly beforehand.

You can also fill the repository for the first time with the update, if this has not been done automatically.


  1. Choose CCMS → Configuration → Alert Monitor, or call transaction RZ21.
  2. Choose Technical Infrastructure → System Repository → Update (locally). The transaction first checks whether the job CCMS_LOAD_REPOSITORY_LOCDATA has the status scheduled, released or active. If this is not the case, the transaction queries the start conditions for the job and schedules it. Depending on the size of your system, the job runs for between 10 and 20 minutes. In extremely large systems, or systems with extremely heavy workloads, the job runs for a maximum of 30 minutes. Th jobs must store the data in the database; it should therefore not be run at a time of peak user activity. The repository is updated when the job is complete.

By default, the job CCMS_LOAD_REPOSITORY_LOCDATA is only scheduled once. You can, however, schedule the job to be executed periodically to automatically update the local repository.

To schedule the job periodically, start transaction SM37 (Simple Job Selection) and repeat the scheduling for the job CCMS_LOAD_REPOSITORY_LOCDATA. Specify a job period of between a day and a week.

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