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The adjustment tools are integrated into the Enhancement Builder. You can select one of them if you have to process an enhancement implementation that needs adjustment.

  1. Start the Enhancement Information System from the Object Navigator (transaction SE80) or from transaction SPAU_ENH.
  2. Choose Enhancements (Upgrade View) to display a list of the enhancements to be adjusted.
  3. Select one of the enhancements for processing.
  4. Select the additional tab page Adjustment.
  5. The conflict list displays the adjustment status .

    What a conflict means, why it has occurred, and how it can be solved is described in the long text for the conflict, which is accessible form the Long Text pushbutton in the toolbar of the conflict list.

  6. Perform the kind of adjustment suited for the enhancement technology:
    1. Adjusting Source Code Plug-Ins
    2. Adjusting Classes, Interfaces, Web Dynpros and Function Groups
    3. Adjusting BAdI Implementations
  7. Set the enhancement implementation to state Adjusted by choosing the Adjust Enhancement Implementation pushbutton.

    All conflicts that can be resolved automatically (signified by a green traffic light) are adjusted when you choose the Adjust Enhancement Implementation pushbutton in the toolbar of the conflict list. If all conflicts are resolved, the pushbutton is deactivated.

  8. Activate the enhancement implementation.

    The edited enhancement is removed from the set of objects to be adjusted after the adjustment is complete.