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SAP liveCache technology is an object-based enhancement of the SAP MaxDB database system. It was developed for managing complex objects in applications in which large quantities of data must be constantly available and changeable. You can only use SAP liveCache technology with SAP applications.

The SAP liveCache technology significantly increases the speed of the algorithmically complex, data-, and runtime-intensive functions of various SAP applications, especially within SAP Supply Chain Management. It combines the advantages of main memory-based data retention with a complete operating concept, including backup and recovery.

Properties of an SAP application with SAP liveCache technology:

  • With optimal configuration, all application data and objects are located in the working memory

  • Multiple application servers are sharing the read/write cache

  • Relational and object-oriented data modeling

  • Data-intensive business logic is executed close to the application data (minimizing round trips)

  • All database functions are available

Figure 1: SAP liveCache Technology: Technical System Landscape

In addition to the SAP MaxDB database kernel, which provides basic database functions such as saving, restoring, and transaction management, an SAP liveCache database also comprises the following software layers:

  • SAP liveCache Applications (LCApps)

    The business logic is included in the SAP liveCache kernel by using DB procedures (stored procedures). This removes much of the work that would otherwise be needed for communication and the transfer of data.

  • Object Management System (OMS)

    A large part of the application data in an SAP liveCache database is managed in objects (OMS data). OMS data is managed in containers that are assigned to a persistent C++ class of the object type as object memory.

Figure 2: SAP liveCache Technology: Architecture
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