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 Properties of Log Attributes


Log attributes (icon ) are monitoring attributes that capture messages in their context. This means that the data collection method does not just write isolated messages in the Alert Monitor, but also the content of a log or trace.


Log attributes have a number of special features in the display of properties and methods. These are described here. If you want to display the properties of a log attribute, select the attribute in the alert monitoring tree and choose Properties.

Display "Current Value" like Group Box

If there are multiple messages in the selected log attribute, you can choose which message should be displayed:

  • Always display only the newest message (Last incoming message)
  • The message with the severest alert, irrespective of its age (Highest alert)
  • The message with the severest alert that is not longer than a specified time (Maximum value from the last)

Alert Settings Group Box

You can select whether and how the messages for this log attribute should trigger alerts. Every message is assigned a color and a severity level. You can set as of which color and which level of severity an alert is to be triggered (From value), whether all messages should trigger the alert that is assigned to them (evaluation of Reported like), or whether no messages should trigger alerts (Never).

Internal Storage of Message Lines Group Box

The messages are stored in an internal message log. You can decide how many messages are stored (Maximum number of lines to be saved). If you select the radio button As much as possible, the system will store messages as long as there is enough space available in the monitoring segment of the shared memory.

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