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You can display detail data both in the Alert Monitor (in the Current Status and Open Alerts views) and in the Alert Browser.

The detail data display contains the data that was collected in the Alert Monitor for one or more monitoring tree elements (MTEs). Alternatively, you can start the analysis method assigned to an MTE. With this method, you can collect the data yourself.

The detail data display shows:

  • ·        The most serious alert that has not yet been processed (if one exists)
  • ·        Alert threshold values, the current performance data and the combined, smoothed data for the last 30 minutes and 24 hours (for performance attributes).
  • ·        The messages in the log attribute (for log attributes)
  • ·        The last status message (for status attributes)

You can mix data from several MTEs. For example, you can display CPU utilization and the dialog response time together. This is useful if you want to graphically display the data from MTEs for related subjects.

  1. 1.      Choose CCMS → Control/Monitoring → Alert Monitor, or call transaction RZ20.
  2. 2.      Expand the monitor set that contains the monitor that you require, and choose Load Monitor.
  3. 3.      Select one or more MTEs in the Alert Monitor or one or more alerts in the Alert Browser  (see Selecting Nodes in the Alert Monitoring Tree).

    In the Alert Monitor, select only MTEs of monitoring attributes. These are the end  nodes of the monitoring tree in the Alert Monitor. In the Alert Browser, you can display detail data for every alert.

  4. 4.      Choose Display Details. The Alert Monitor displays the detail data for the selected MTEs.
  5. 5.      Choose Current Display Variant. With this dialog box, you can

    ·         Add fields to the display or delete fields from the display

    ·         Use two or three lines for each entry instead of line printers

    ·         Change the sequence and the width of fields

    ·         Sort the entries in ascending or descending order

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