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A monitoring properties variant contains settings for properties and method assignments for monitoring tree elements (MTEs), MTE classes, and attribute groups. Every change to these settings is assigned to a properties variant.


MTEs are predefined with their general properties, method assignments, and alert threshold values. These settings are grouped into properties variants. You can use multiple properties variants when monitoring your IT landscape, allowing you to utilize different monitoring strategies. The current settings delivered by SAP are contained in the SAP DEFAULT properties variant.

There is a hierarchy of properties variants in the monitoring architecture, in which the values contained in SAP DEFAULT are at the lowest level. MTE values changed by customers and saved in the active properties variant are at the very top  of the hierarchy. This is the active properties variant. If you do not specify a variant when changing MTE values, the change is saved in the variant *.

As of SAP R/3 4.6A, there is an additional level in this hierarchy. If you create a monitoring properties variant, you can specify a superordinate variant (parent variant) whose values are to be used if the variant defined by the customer does not contain any values for an MTE class. If the parent properties variant also contains no values for the MTE class, the system uses the values contained in the SAP DEFAULT properties variant.

As of SAP R/3 4.6A, you can also assign a properties variant to an operation mode (see Defining Operation Modes). This has the advantage that you no longer need to activate the variant manually. The variant is activated when the relevant operation mode starts.

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