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Using SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search for the BW Metadata SearchLocate this document in the navigation structure


If you are using the Embedded Search of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server or SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search, you can use these applications (as well as the BW search) to find BW metadata objects. The results lists provide context-sensitive and interactive navigation options.

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SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search

Embedded Search


To use the BW metadata search in the Embedded Search or SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • The Embedded Search of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server/SAP SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search is configured.


    Be aware of the licensing conditions when using SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search products.

  • If you use SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search, you need to import the software component SAP_BW by using search and analytics modeling (transaction ESH_MODELER). This component imports the component ESH_COMMON_BOJECT and all the models available for the search (under [BW]-> [BW-WHM]-> [BW-WHM-MTD]). The model names match the TLOGO names of the supported object types. These are all object types for which the TREX search is supported in BW.

  • The BW metadata must be indexed. This requires connectors for models of the SAP_BW software component. These connectors are created in the administration cockpit of the search (transaction ESH_COCKPIT). Next, the indexing for the connectors is specified. First a complete, initial indexing operation is performed. Next, periodic delta indexing or real-time indexing is scheduled. Note that object indexing is only possible for the active version.


To log on to the search user interface for end users, start the transaction ESH_SEARCH in the ABAP system.

For information on how to use search, see Getting Started - Using the Search.

If you specifically want to find BW metadata objects, select the BW Objects category above the input field and enter a search term in the field.

To restrict search even further, you can choose from various BW object categories (such as BW Reports or InfoProviders). You can also choose between various object types in each object category. The More link provides you with additional selection options. You can select several selection options to combine them.


The search evaluates the object name and all the texts belonging to the object.

In the result list, click on an event title to open the maintenance screen of a BW object or to open the application to execute the object. You can open the result details that are displayed in the right-hand screen area. The links next to Details provide you with further context-sensitive and interactive navigation options.