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 Role of a System Component Repository


You can assign a role to a System Component Repository (SCR). There are three options for the role of a repository:

  • Central repository (Template for other repositories)
  • Subordinate repository (Data supplier for the central repository)
  • Not assigned a role in the central system administration

If you do not assign roles, you can see much more detailed information in the SCR for its own SAP system than for the remote SAP systems. This general data for remote systems comes as of SAP Web Application Server 6.10 from an automatic search for remote systems when a system is started and contains, for example, data about the release and the database. By assigning roles, you can ensure that the detailed information is also displayed for remote SAP systems in the SCR.

To do this, it is necessary for you to define the repository of the central system as the central repository and to define the repositories of all systems whose information you want to be able to view in the central SCR as subordinate repositories (see also: Creating a Central Repository).

In this way, you can ensure that in the central system you can view not only all repository data for the central system, but also for all other systems with subordinate repositories. This includes data about:

  • Application servers
  • RFC destinations
  • Clients
  • Operation modes
  • Databases
  • Printers


By assigning a role, you can define the SCR of a system (and therefore a system) as the collection point for SCR data of other systems. By assigning a role to the SCRs of various systems, you determine where which systems transfer the detailed information of their SCRs.

An SCR (and therefore a system) can hold only one role; the following rules apply:

  • In a system landscape, more than one SCR can be defined as a central SCR.
  • A subordinate SCR can only deliver data to one central SCR. This SCR must be defined as a central SCR.
  • A multi-level hierarchy of SCRs is not possible. This means that a central SCR cannot also be subordinate to another SCR itself.


  1. Choose CCMS → Configuration → Alert Monitor, or call transaction RZ21. Choose Technical Infrastructure → System Repository → Set Repository Role.
  2. The system displays the Set Repository Role in Central System Administration screen. Choose the desired role here. Under this, you can also enter system administration data which you can also access in the SCR.