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Name of the bridge system


The documentation for the DBA Cockpit functionality generally also applies to SAP MaxDB Bridge technology. If there are functional differences, these are explained.


The gateway technology SAP MaxDB bridge allows you to access data sources that are in a database system that is not currently among the database systems certified by SAP, such as Teradata Foundation for SAP BW.


The following information is available only for the SAP MaxDB bridge functionality:

  • Bridge System (Teradata)

    Name of the bridge system

    DBA Cockpit, user menu Start of the navigation path Current Status Next navigation step Properties End of the navigation path

    More information: Properties

  • Teradata

    Information about the Teradata Foundation for SAP BW , such as properties, alerts, performance indicators, and column inconsistencies.

    DBA Cockpit, Teradata user menu

    More information: DBA Cockpit

Among others, the following user menus have also been adjusted to the SAP MaxDB Bridge functionality:

More Information

SQL Reference Manual, Data Source Name