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There are many sub-areas in the technical content of the Business Information Warehouse. The following sub-areas are delivered:

BEx Personalization

SeePersonalization in BEx

BI Users and Authorizations

SeeGeneration of Analysis Authorizations

BI Features Characteristics

SeeBW Technical Content FC1

BI Formula Builder

The DataStore for the formula builder is not used.

BI Integrated Planning

Planning functions: SAP provides InfoObjects (characteristics and key figures) that the system requires as parameters for the standard planning function types (seeStandard Planning Function Types).

Personalization data for variable replacement (seeChanging Variable Values in the Planning Modeler)

BI Trace Tool

The BI objects that belong to the trace tool are required for information purposes only:

  • Test Results Archive: The 0RSTT_TESTLOG InfoArea contains objects for describing the test results.
  • Test Reporting: The 0RSTT_TESTREP InfoArea contains objects for more detailed description and analysis of the tests using the reporting functions.

Characteristics and Key Figures for the BI Trace Tool: SAP provides InfoObjects that the system requires as parameters for the BI Trace Tool (seeTrace Tool Environment).

The namespace for the objects starts with the character string 0RSTT for InfoProviders, InfoObjects, and queries.

Exchange Rate Type

SeeCurrency Translation. For more information about the Exchange Rate Type (0RTYPE) InfoObject, see Currency Translation Type.