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This procedure enables you to view and edit the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Environment properties and parameters. The JVM is used for running the AS Java and all deployed applications.

The JVM parameters are displayed according to the 'vendor - platform' combination you have chosen. The Actual State shows all merged parameters from combinations ' vendor - platform ', ' vendor - GLOBAL ' and ' GLOBAL - GLOBAL ' in this set of priority.

The default 'vendor-platform' combination for the two levels is respectively:

  • Template level : GLOBAL-GLOBAL

  • Instance level : sap-<operating system>


Start the command console Config Tool by double-clicking the consoleconfig script file in SAP_install_dir/system_name/instance_name/j2ee/configtool directory.


From the console menu, select <Template_name> or <Instance_number> , depending on the level you want to configure.

Configuring JVM Environment Properties

  1. Choose VM Environment .

  2. To only view information, choose Get VM Environment info .

  3. To change properties, choose Edit VM Environment info .

    Information about the first property appears.

    • To edit the current value, choose E .

    • To reset to the default value, choose D .

    • To go to the next property, choose N .

    • To skip this menu, choose S .

  4. To save the new property's value, choose Apply Changes .


    If you want to export the configuration you have made to an XML file, choose Export to XML and then choose Apply Changes .

Configuring JVM Parameters

  1. Choose VM Parameters .

  2. To view, add or edit a particular parameter, choose the relevant menu item.


    The procedure steps are the same as for VM Environment properties.