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 qRFC Monitoring: Create Owner for Customizing


In Customizing of the qRFC monitoring using the monitoring architecture, you can define subtrees (queue groups) that are to display messages for particular qRFC queues. Each setting in Customizing belongs to an owner, meaning that you can create different monitoring strategies using different settings owners.


This procedure is part of the process setting up monitoring of qRFC calls. It is therefore a prerequisite that you have already performed the part of the process that is to be performed before this procedure.


The system is displaying the Change Settings Owner: Overview screen. The system displays the entries for the owners of the Customizing settings. If the SAP Customizing was delivered to you, you see only the owner entry SAP.

Now create your own owner for Customizing. An owner combines various entries for Customizing the qRFC monitoring. The owner can be, for example, the name of your company. You can create a new settings owner in two ways:

Copying an Existing Owner Entry

  1. Copy an existing owner entry (such as the entry SAP) by selecting the desired entry and choosing Edit → Copy as….
  2. The system displays the Settings Owner table with the copy source as the only entry. Enter the desired name of the new owner by overwriting the existing name. Accept your input by choosing ENTER.
  3. If the copy source contains queue groups, queue assignments, or alert value shifts, you can decided whether you want to copy these for the settings of the new owner. As you want to copy an owner entry, this is usually the case; in this case, choose Copy All.
  4. Confirm the number of dependent copied entries and save your entries.

Creating a New, Empty Owner Entry

  1. Choose Edit → New Entries and enter the desired name of the new owner.
  2. Save your entries.

The Active column in the Settings Owner table specifies the owner whose Customizing settings are currently active. Enter X in this column for the desired user. Ensure that only one entry is valid.


You have specified an owner for additional Customizing settings and can make the other settings.

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