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 Properties of Performance Attributes


Performance attributes (symbol ) are monitoring attributes that collect certain reported performance data and calculate the average.


In the display of the properties and methods, performance attributes have a number of special characteristics that are described here. To display the properties of a performance attribute, choose the attribute in the alert monitoring tree and choose Properties.

Comparison Value

In the Comparison Value group box, you define how the value of the performance attribute is to be calculated from the reported values. You have the choice between the last reported value (last reported), the average value of the last minute, last five minutes, or last fifteen minutes (Smoothing) and the average value of the last full quarter of an hour or hour (Average).

Threshold values

In this group box, you can edit the threshold values with which an alert is triggered if the reported value exceeds or falls below the appropriate value. Note when doing so that the change applies not only to the concrete monitoring tree element (MTE), but for the whole MTE class. This is displayed at the top of the screen.

You have the option to assign different threshold values for a Change from GREEN to YELLOW and the Reset from YELLOW to GREEN (the same also applies for the Change from YELLOW to RED and the Reset from RED to YELLOW). This prevents a constant switching between the alert levels, if the attribute is wavering around the threshold value, which would generate a new alert every time.

The display of a rule of this type would look as shown in the graphic below. To find out the alert level, start from any value for the performance attribute and move upwards until you meet the curve. If the value is climbing from a lower alert level, the lower part of the curve is valid for determining the alert; if the value is falling from a higher alert level, the upper part of the curve is used.

The unit of the threshold value is determined using the data supplier.

Explanation for an Alert

If an alert is triggered, it is displayed in the Alert Browser. A short explanatory text for the alert is displayed there in the Alert Text column. Choose the relevant line of an alert and choose F1 to display a more detailed text about the alert. The system displays its short text and the associated message class and number here. You can use these to adjust the delivered message texts.