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In Customizing of the qRFC monitoring using the monitoring architecture, you can define subtrees (queue groups) that are to display messages for particular qRFC queues. A queue group can include multiple inbound or outbound queues. You can change the color of the reported alerts in accordance with your needs for each of these queues.

In this way, you can change the color of the alert from red to a lower level. If, for example, STOP alerts for queues whose names begin with CRM_SITES* are not important to you, you can change the value of the alert from red (alert generated) to green (message reported, but no alert generated).


By default, red alerts are generated for all error statuses (such as SYSFAIL, NOSENDS, and so on). If you only want to receive alerts for the status SYSFAIL, you therefore need to set the alert value shifts for all other statuses to 0 (inactive) or 1 (green).


This procedure is part of the process setting up monitoring of qRFC calls. It is therefore a prerequisite that you have already performed the part of the process that is to be performed before this procedure.


The system is displaying the Alert Value Shifts: Overview screen. The screen displays the entries for the shifts that are already assigned to the selected queue group or the selected queue assignment.

  1. If you want to create a new alert value shift, choose New Entries.
  2. If you want to change an existing alert value shift, choose the desired assignment by double clicking it.
  3. In both cases, the system displays the Change Alert Value Shifts: Detail screen. For new assignments, you can make all entries, while for existing assignments, you can only change the Alert Value and Exit FM entries. F1 help is available for every entry:
    Entry Meaning


    Your owner name and the name of the monitoring subtree in the Alert Monitor; enter owners and queue groups that already exist here. You can use input help here.

    Queue Group Name

    Queue Name

    Name of an individual queue or a name that ends with a wildcard character (*), such as CRM_SITES*

    Queue Status

    Status of a qRFC queue; if you choose the F1 help for this entry, the system displays the possible error states for a queue


    Client number (or the wild card character * to select all clients in the system); for additional information about the Queue Name and Clients, see qRFC Monitoring: Create Queue Assignments

    Alert Value Shifts

    By default, all error messages for qRFC queues are assigned the alert color red. You can assign certain messages for individual queues a different color using the following two entries.

    Alert Value

    Alert value that is to be assigned to the messages of the queue <Queue_Name> in client <Client> with status <Queue_Status>

    Possible Alert Values 0 - inactive 1 - green 2 - yellow 3 - red

    Exit FM

    Name of an exit function module that determines the alert value shift


    Specifying an Exit FM is a more flexible alternative than specifying an alert value. The function module can decide conditionally whether an alert should be output. In this way, you can, for example, ignore STOP error messages for a queue until they have reached a certain age. The function module requires the interface of the example module SALK_SMPL_ALERTSHIFT_CALLBACK.

  4. Save your individual entries.