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You can use this monitor to monitor the number of users currently logged on to your system and to obtain important configuration data about the application servers.


Configuration of the System

The monitor displays selected configuration parameters for the system:

Active operation mode and next planned operation mode switch

Status of the active application servers

Configuration settings for clients of the system

License information with installation number and expiry data of the license

Release information

Release, host, and vendor of the database

Installed Support Packages

Users Currently Logged On

The Concurrent Users monitoring object shows the number of users that are logged on to the system at the same time. The users are counted in accordance with the guidelines for licenses: the system counts the users concurrently logged on for each client. Multiple logons of the same user at the same terminal in the same client are counted only once. Statistics are available as a total for all clients and for each individual client.

The SAP Concurrent User License determines the number of users that can concurrently log on to the system. Check if the displayed number is within the scope of your license, if you are operating your system within the framework of a license of this type.

Configuration of the Individual Application Servers

The monitor displays selected configuration parameters for the individual application servers of a system:

Name of the host system

Operating system


IP address

Start date and time of the server

SAP release

Status of imported Support Packages

Instance profile

Start profile

Home directory

SAP code page

Number of work processes


To start the monitor, follow the procedure below:

  1. Start the Alert Monitor using transaction RZ20 or choose CCMS →Control/Monitoring →Alert Monitor.
  2. On the CCMS Monitor Sets screen, expand the SAP CCMS Monitor Templates set.
  3. Start the System Configuration monitor from the list by double clicking it.