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The application property service is used for storing application-specific properties for resources.

It is required whenever CM applications need to store resource-specific metadata that is not covered by the system properties that every resource has by default. Since several CM services need to store application properties, the application property service is a fundamental repository service that is required frequently.



The application property service is a prerequisite for classifying documents.



The service can be run with or without caching. If the number of users increases, you should also increase the size of the user-specific cache (see Caches ).

Application Property Service Parameters

Parameter Required Description

Use Clustered Cache Counter


In a load-balancing environment, the local caches for the individual nodes must always be validated against the database (see System Landscape Service : Parameter Cluster Caching Timeout).

The clustered cache counter further reduces the database by cumulating the devalidation information in system with a large number of nodes (more than 10).

This parameter is activated by default.



ID of the cache in which the application-specific properties are stored.

Cache (user-specific)


ID of the cache in which the user-specific properties are stored.



In the standard configuration, the application property service is already configured. No further configuration is necessary.

You can find the configuration under Content Management → Repository Services → Application Property Service.

In order to use the application property service, you have to activate it in the repository manager configuration in the Repository Services parameter.