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The SAP HANA-optimized InfoCube is a standard InfoCube that is optimized for use with SAP HANA. When you create SAP HANA-optimized InfoCubes, you can assign characteristics and key figures to dimensions. The system does not create any dimension tables apart from the package dimension however. The SIDs (master data IDs) are written directly to the fact table. This improves system performance when loading data. Since dimensions are omitted, no DIM IDs (dimensions keys) have to be created.

The dimensions are simply used as a sort criterion and provide you with a clearer overview when creating a query in BEx Query Designer.

Inventory Management with an SAP HANA-Optimized InfoCube

For InfoCubes with non-cumulative key figures, the different types of data are loaded separately (initial non-cumulative, historical transactions and new deltas). You need two data transfer processes (DTPs) for this:

  • A DTP to initialize the non-cumulative data. Go to your DTP's Extraction tab, under Extraction Mode, and choose Initial Size for Non-Cumulative Values.

  • A DTP to load data and historical transactions:

    • For new deltas, go to your DTP's Extraction tab, under Extraction Mode, and choose Delta.

    • If historical data is supplied by the source, go to your DTP's Update tab and choose Historical Transactions.


    A DTP can be changed in a production system if the development class of the imported DTP can be changed. You then just need to change the settings in the DTP and reactivate it. For more information, see SAP Note 1558791.

This logic replaces the compression logic (and therefore the associated marker update) for the SAP HANA-optimized InfoCube. There is no semantic basis for compression with SAP HANA-optimized InfoCubes. The data is only compiled. Markers are not updated.


You are using a SAP HANA database.


If you are using a SAP HANA database, you can only create SAP HANA-optimized InfoCubes. You can continue using existing standard InfoCubes that do not have the SAP HANA-optimized property or you can convert them.

The property Data Persistency in BWA is not available in SAP HANA because the SAP HANA database assumes the role of primary persistence.

More information: Converting Standard InfoCubes to SAP HANA-Optimized InfoCubes