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Backups of redo log entries (log backups) are required so that the database can be restored to the desired point in time after certain system breakdowns. Redo log entries are where the database system logs all changes that database users have made to data.

Regular log backups are also important for another reason: The database system can overwrite a log segment of the log area with a new entry only after it has been backed up.


The database can also back up the redo log entries automatically (see Activating or Deactivating Automatic Log Backup).

  • You are logged on to the database as the database system administrator or as a DBM operator with server authorization for performing backups (see Glossary, Server Permission).

  • You can only back up redo log entries after at least one complete data backup has been carried out (see Backing Up Data).

  • You have created a backup template for log backups (see Defining Backup Templates).

  • The database is in the ONLINE or ADMIN operational state.

  • Overwrite mode for the log area is switched off (see Activating or Deactivating the Overwrite Mode for the Log Area).

  • You cannot start any other backup while a log backup is running.

    Exception: When automatic log backup is active, you can perform data backups.

  • Only for Microsoft Windows

    If you want to back up data to a data carrier on a remote computer, perform the steps described in Database Administration, Backing Up and Restoring Data with Remote Computers.

  1. Select the database in the explorer tree.

  2. In the context menu of the database, choose Start of the navigation path Administration Tasks Next navigation step Backup... End of the navigation path

  3. Choose Log Backup.

  4. Select a backup template.

  5. Start the backup.

    The system shows the current status of the backup procedure in the status window.

    On the Backup Results tab page, the system shows the data carriers that have been used up to now.


For log backups to data carriers of the FILE type, you have to archive the backup files regularly. To do this, use the database tool Database Manager CLI (see Database Manager CLI, archive_stage).


In the Actions view, the system shows the backup steps performed so far (see Actions (View)).

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