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Removing a Slave HostLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can remove a slave host from a distributed system. You may want to do this if you used the host for test purposes and no longer need it in the distributed system.


  1. Start the TREX admin tool on any host in the distributed system.
  2. Go to the Landscape Configuration window.
  3. Select the slave host that you want to remove in the Hosts table. Remove the selection in the column Slave Index Server for.
  4. Remove the host from the landscape using Remove Host.
  5. Check the configuration. If the check does not find any errors, activate the configuration using Deploy.


TREX is still installed on the removed slave host. The host may still contain index copies and configuration files with information on the distributed system. However, since these configuration files are not consistent, the TREX instance on this host will normally not start any longer. You should therefore deinstall this TREX instance.