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 GRMG Monitoring of SAP NetWeaver ComponentsLocate this document in the navigation structure

If the SAP NetWeaver components listed exist in your system landscape, you can use GRMG to monitor them. By following the links below, you can view information about the associated configuration:

This section describes the configuration of the following functional units:

  • AS Java
  • Process Monitoring Infrastructure
  • Adobe Document Services
  • Business Communication Broker
  • Portal Infrastructure
  • Web Dynpro

To monitor the availability of the specified components with GRMG, you need to upload corresponding GRMG customizing files to the central monitoring system (CEN), enter the required information (such as host and port) for the components there, and start the scenarios:

  1. Call the Internet address, and choose the link Enhancing your Monitoring Possibilities. There is a section on this page called GRMG Customizing files. Templates for the GRMG customizing files for the above components are available to you here.
  2. Download the desired template by downloading the desired archive and decompressing it.
  3. Use a suitable XML editor to edit the downloaded file. You need to change the values of different tags, depending on the monitored component. These tags are indicated in the template with square brackets ([]). These are usually:
    • <scenstarturl>, in which you usually need to enter the host and port of the monitored component
    • <scendesc>, in which you usually need to enter the system ID and host of the monitored component
  4. In CEN, call transaction GRMG, choose the  Upload button, and specify the file that you have just downloaded.
  5. Select the scenario that you have just uploaded and choose  Edit GRMG Customizing.
  6. For the monitored component Portal Infrastructure, you still need to edit the scenario after you have uploaded the file. Proceed as described in Setting Up GRMG Monitoring of the Portal Infrastructure.
  7. To start the availability monitoring, select the corresponding row, and choose  Start.

Checking the Entries (Optional)

  1. After you have started the scenario, you can find out from the Scenario Execution Status, whether the scenario was correctly executed. After the scenario has been executed, there should be a green check mark () here.
  2. To view the availability data for the monitored components, call transaction RZ20 in CEN, and start the Availability and Performance Overview monitor in the SAP CCMS Monitor Templates monitor set. Expand the GRMG-Tested Availability (Web Components) subtree. The availability of your monitored components is displayed in this tree.