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Creating an SAP User for the TREX Admin Tool in the SAP SystemLocate this document in the navigation structure


You use transaction TREXADMIN to launch the TREX admin tool in the SAP system. You configure this admin tool for secure use by creating a user for transaction TREXADMIN based on the predefined role SAP_BC_TREX_ADMIN, which is delivered as part of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP together with the TREX ABAP client. The user created here then has the necessary authorization for secure use of the TREX admin tool in the SAP system.


For more information about the SAP_BC_TREX_ADMIN role, see SAP Note 766516.

Overview of the Permissions Assigned by the SAP_BC_TREX_ADMIN Role

Type and Scope of the Permission Activity Explanation

Authorization check during RFC access


Name of the RFC object to be protected: SYST, TREX_ARW_ADMINISTRATION

Administration for the 
RFC destination

Add or generate, change, display, delete, extended maintenance

Type of entry in RFCDES: Start of an external program using TCIP/IP

Check on the transaction code at transaction launch


Administrating TREX

Change, display, execute

ABAP: Program run checks

Schedule programs for background processing, execute ABAP program, maintain variants for and execute ABAP program

ALV standard layout


Application log

Display, delete


You are using Search and Classification (TREX) in the SAP system.


Create a user called TREX_ADMIN and assign the SAP_BC_TREX_ADMIN role to this user.

  1. Launch transaction SU01 (user maintenance) or choose Administration → System Administration → User Maintenance → User in the SAP menu. The User Maintenance: Initial Screen appears.
  2. Enter a new user name and choose Create.
  3. On the Address tab page, enter the personal data for the user.
  4. On the Roles tab page, assign the SAP_BC_TREX_ADMIN role and thus the permission to access the SAP system to the TREX_ADMIN user.


The transaction TREXADMIN, and therefore the TREX admin tool in the SAP system, can only be launch by the TREX_ADMIN user that you have assigned permission by means of the assignment to the SAP_BC_TREX_ADMIN role.